Research and other specific placements

We have received requests from the following organisations who would like to receive volunteers. These placements may have different costs, durations or other arrangements from our normal placements so please read the information carefully before applying.

Chimp health

We currently have an opportunity for one or two students to join a forest-based animal conservation and public health project. This aims to prevent the transmission of diseases between chimpanzees and the neighbouring communities by monitoring the health of the chimpanzees and educating the community about animal conservation and the dangers of eating bush meats. These placements are based in a university field research station and are only available between November and January.

Further placements are available, at the same research station, for one month in September. These include anti -poaching work with the snare patrols, community conservation education in local schools and villages or with teachers and finally on tree phenology – monitoring forest cycles such as the flowering and fruiting of trees to assess the impact of climate change.

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Basena Agro Creativity Centre

Education in Uganda is exam focused and children have little opportunity for independent learning or creative thinking. Basena, a small, Kampala based centre which opened in 2013, provides an environment where children can learn through play, are inspired to think for themselves and can develop a love of nature. The centre has 5 areas:

  • Nursery garden with over 70 plant species
  • ICT/numeracy room
  • Library with many books including pop-up and musical books
  • Theatre for music, dance, drama & poetry performances
  • Outdoor play area with toys and games

Services include

  • Half and full day visits for individual children or school groups
  • Workshops & refresher courses for teachers
  • Weekend and holiday play sessions
  • Resource centre
  • Sales of seedlings to take home and plant


Basena is run by Harriet and John, qualified teachers who returned home to Uganda after many years teaching in the UK. They would welcome support from volunteers wishing to gain early years/primary teaching experience and who can contribute to the development of the centre.

Read about Harriet in The Guardian and on the Middlesex University website

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Literacy Action and Development Agency (LADA), Rukungiri

Located in the beautiful, green and hilly Rukungiri district in south western Uganda, LADA is a small community based organisation that seeks to promote community development. It works in various areas that include;

•        Water and sanitation projects e.g. building shallow wells

•        Environmental protection e.g. tree planting

•        Community education e.g. promotion of fuel efficient stoves

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Bishop’s High School, Kyabugashe, Rukungiri

This is a delightful, church-founded secondary school located in Rukungiri district, in south western Uganda. It offers O level, with plans to offer A level in the near future (see Ugandan education system). It also offers popular extracurricular activities like sports, music and drama. There are placements opportunities here for teachers in Science, Geography (especially North America) and Sports.

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