Hiking, mountaineering & nature




Uganda is a beautiful country and we offer countless walks and hikes, taking you through the villages and out onto the hills, to enjoy some of the scenery and meet some of the friendly people. And we have routes to suit all levels of fitness.

It is impossible to list all the hiking locations, so here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Rukungiri village hikes (western region)

Half and full day hikes

Take a gentle stroll through the village, past homes, schools, churches and farms. Stop and greet villagers along the way and perhaps look at their gardens or to peep inside the church. Hike up onto the beautiful hills for some stunning views and then return for some lunch.


Sipi Falls waterfalls (eastern region)

Half and full day hikes

Sipi is a beautiful area not far from Mt Elgon national park. It has three major waterfalls (upper, middle and lower), hilltops overlooking the vast Karamoja plains and lots of interest as you pass through the local villages. Agree your route with your guide and enjoy your hike! 


Virunga volcanoes – (western region)

Half and full day hikes

The Virungas are a chain of extinct volcanoes in the region where Uganda borders Rwanda and DR Congo. They provide more challenging hikes with 3 peaks each of which takes a day to summit. The terrain includes farmland giving way to bamboo forest, swamps, calderas (craters) and steep ridges. There is a variety of interesting vegetation along the way as well as Golden Monkeys and many bird species. Needless to say the views are also spectacular.


Mt. Muhavura  (4,127m) 8 hour hike

Mt. Sabinyo (3,669m) 8 hour hike

Mt. Gahinga (3,474m) 6 hour hike

There is also a 4 hour hike along Sabinyo Gorge


Mountain climbing

Mt Elgon (4,321m) on the border of Uganda and Kenya

Climbing to the summit of this extinct volcano takes around 5-7 days depending on your route. You can trek up the steeper or more gentle slopes, visit the hot springs, caves and pools, gorges and streams and reach Wagagai – the peak – sitting on the amazing caldera rim. The park has a wide variety of flora and fauna including over 300 bird species.

Rwenzori mountains (5,109m) on the border of Uganda and Congo

Margherita Peak on Mt Stanley is the third highest mountain in Africa and the Rwenzoris are where you can find snow at the equator. Reaching the summit is for serious climbers as it requires some technical skill but there are easier climbs to the lower peaks which only require a reasonable level of fitness. Various routes and durations (1 -10 days) are available and all visits are done through a professional mountaineering company using experienced guides. Treks offer stunning scenery, amazing flora, and fascinating fauna and avifauna on the lower hills.

After all that hard work why not add a few days wildlife safari or time at the beach afterwards?

Nature walks & visits

We offer a number of nature walks with a specific theme. Again, it is impossible to list all of them but here are a few ideas from the western region: 

medicinal plants tours
coffee/mango / general organic farm visits
natural forest visits
conservation projects
tea plantations