Local Culture

Uganda has much to offer beyond it amazing wildlife and scenery. Its people are well known for their warmth and hospitality and we offer a wide variety of community and cultural activities providing the chance for you to interact with people and learn something about their lives and culture.

Activities include:

  • village walks
  • cultural performances
  • handcraft classes
  • music lessons and
  • visits to Ugandan art galleries

Below are some examples of cultural activities and community visits but this is not an exhaustive list.
Please enquire for suggested activities that fit your itinerary.

Murchison Falls national park – sunset dance performance and craft sale

Enjoy a sunset 60-90 minute dance performance by the Mubako community with musical accompaniment on adungus (a local instrument). Beautiful locally produced crafts are also on sale. These activities contribute directly to community welfare.

Queen Elizabeth national park – visit the salt producers of Katwe

Learn about the daily lives of villagers in Katwe, near one of the salt lakes in Queen Elizabeth. Take a 2 hour walk and see how the salt is harvested, learn how to cook a typical Ugandan meal in a village home and visit the local school. Local crafts and tie-dyed fabrics are on sale.

Ruboni, near Rwenzori Mountains national park – dance performance, drumming classes and community visit

This exciting community project offers the opportunity to learn about the daily activities of the Bakonzo tribe from cooking at home to tending the crops and animals. You can also meet local blacksmith, traditional healer, basket weavers and storytellers. If you want to stay longer, there is a dance performance or drumming classes.

Mgahinga Gorilla national park – visit to the struggling Batwa community

When this park was established the Batwa tribe, who had traditionally lived in these dense forests at the foot of the Virunga volcanoes, were evicted. They are only now allowed into the forest as tour guides to show visitors how they used to live, hunt and gather honey and local medicinal plants. Visit the sacred Ngarama Cave where women perform sorrowful songs mourning their lost way of life.