Help us save the Fox’s Weaver…Uganda’s only known endemic bird

The Fox’s Weaver (Ploceus spekeoides) inhabits the papyrus-fringed lakes of eastern Uganda and nearby wooded grassland. It has previously been found nesting around Lake Opeta but was last seen in January 2010 by Nature Uganda staff.

Despite receiving funding from the African Bird Club to survey the species there have been no recent sightings and it is thought to be in decline. Birdlife International categorises it as a Globally Near Threatened species.

Against this background, Uganda’s birding tour operators are seeking donations from our clients, other interested birders and well wishers to enable Nature Uganda, and our birders, to research and protect this bird.

Donations may be:

  • given to your tour operator during your holiday
  • given to collectors on Uganda exhibition stands at travel shows
  • made by credit card through Venture Uganda – please use the Pesapal button and drop us an email at to let us know about your donation. Pesapal charge a 3.5% admin charge.

Pay with Pesapal:



Donations will be acknowledged on our national birding website and Nature Uganda will also publish progress reports there.

Fox's Weaver - photo from Achilles

Thank you for helping us to save the Fox’s Weaver.