Cultural, Educational & Special Interest Holidays

Uganda offers a wide variety of cultural activities some of which are listed below. We can design an itinerary to include some of these, depending on your interests, the locations and the time available.

Bark cloth making

Making bark cloth

Watch the sustainable harvesting and hand processing of the bark from fig trees into cloth for ceremonial wear, cultural uses and crafts 

Coffee farm experience


Visit a coffee farm and see the nursery & gardens, harvest the cherries, try local wet processing and then roast, pound and taste a cup

Craft making

Craft shop

Try dying and weaving rafia baskets, bead work and jewellery making as you chat to the ladies or try candle making at the honey cooperative

Traditional music & dance

Culture - Ndere

Watch stunning tribal dances from around Uganda and entertaining drama performances or learn to play local instruments, including drums

Visit Igongo Cultural Centre

Ankole Long Horns

Igongo showcases the Ankole culture and offers a museum, visits to local farms and homes and even a hike to the eclipse monument on the hilll

Village walks & home visits

Village walk

Stretch your legs and take in the sights and sounds of the village as you pass by homes, gardens, schools, trading centres or farms 

Medicinal plants tour

Tree bark for prostate cancer

Enjoy a nature walk with a local guide and learn about the medicinal properties of local plants like the tree bark used for prostate cancer

Batwa tribe (forest pygmies)

Hiking the Batwa Trail

Hike along the Batwa Trail stopping at places of cultural importance to these forest keepers and learn how they lived in the forest

Historical, religious & cultural sites

Baha'i temple

Visit sites like the Gadaffi Mosque, the Ba'hai Temple, Uganda Martyr's Shrine, Kasubi Tombs, shrines to local Gods, Ssezibwa Falls and more 

There are so many cultural activities available for visitors to experience; we haven't even mentioned modern music, food and drink, stand-up comedy, fashion, hunting with dogs (no killing involved!), palace visits in the various kingdoms, male circumcision ceremonies... 

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If you would like to discuss more options, based on your own interests, please contact us to see what could be included in your holiday.