Experience the unique architecture of beautiful Namirembe Cathedral

Experience the unique architecture of beautiful Namirembe Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe, commonly known as Namirembe Cathedral, is the oldest church of its type in Uganda. Set on Namirembe Hill in Kampala, it is a striking building made of earthen bricks and tiles and features a distinctive red dome. Now home of the main Anglican place of worship in the region, it has also hosted some of the most prestigious weddings in the country.

A brief history of Namirembe Cathedral

When Bishop Alfred Tucker established the Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa in 1890, he decided to make his headquarters at Namirembe Hill.

Unfortunately the site has had a somewhat difficult and challenging history. The original building was abandoned because, being at the foot of the hill at that time, it was too swampy.

The second was badly damaged by thunderstorms and a subsequent building was gutted by fire.

Thankfully the present cathedral, which was constructed between 1915 and 1919, has survived. In 2012, it was the setting for the enthronement of the Most Reverend Stanley Ntagali as the eighth archbishop of the Church of Uganda, a ceremony attended by dignitaries from around the world – including the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

Today, visitors can enjoy a guided tour lasting around one and a half hours, which includes the story of the colonialists’ arrival Uganda, as well as much more interesting historical information. After the tour, step outside to enjoy some spectacular 360° views over Kampala.

What else is there to do and do in Kampala?

At Venture Uganda, we can adapt one of our existing safari packages to include a trip to Namirembe Cathedral and Kampala. Alternatively, we can create a tailor-made holiday just for you, including activities, transport and a wide choice of accommodation to suit every budget.

Other destinations and activities in Kampala include:

  • Kasubi Tombs, the burial site of the kings of Buganda
  • Parliament of Uganda
  • The Uganda Museum
  • Bustling markets, bars and restaurants

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