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A thrilling fly-in gorilla tracking adventure; track Uganda's iconic mountain gorillas in magical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and discover the fascinating tribal culture of the Batwa.

$2915 / per person
4 Days

Explore western Uganda's rich wildlife and culture as you meet the friendly people, learn about their way of life and experience the region's extraordinary flora and fauna.

$7040 / per person
19 Days

This extraordinary holiday takes you off the beaten track to gain a deeper insight into daily life and the traditional and modern culture of Uganda and its friendly people

$4862 / per person
12 days

The Adventurers' Road Trip takes you along the less well travelled routes to experience spectacular scenery, extraordinary wildlife and fascinating cultural adventures. Experience the real African wilderness!

$5770 / per person
18 days

If your photography club is looking for an ideal destination, this could be perfect for you. We offer a choice of talented photographers to lead the tour, which takes in some of Uganda's finest locations.

$4851 / per person
11 Days

A fascinating gorilla safari into the heart Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where you will spend time with the mountain gorillas and enjoy a cultural experience with the Batwa tribe.

$0 / per person
6 Days