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Bird Watching in Uganda

Uganda is one of the richest bird watching destinations in Africa; reflected in a check list of over 1000 species including the Albertine Rift endemics and the much sought after Shoebill. This diversity comes from Uganda’s wide range of habitats including swamps, woodland, tropical forest, open water and arid savannah.


Venture Uganda offers the very best of bird watching experiences and our knowledgeable staff can design a special itinerary for you whether you are an avid birder, single traveller, photographer or would just like to include birding in a general wildlife safari. An avid birder might expect to see between 400 and 500 species during a three week trip to Uganda.


Our safaris are fully escorted by professional bird guides and specific site guides who will ensure that you get the best out of your birding safari whether you are searching the vast sweeping plains for beautiful savannah birds or exploring dark corners for elusive forest delights.

The most productive time for bird watching in Uganda is during the rainy seasons: March/April/May and October/November when birds are generally at their most active and also breeding, although road conditions may be a little worse. With so many birds in Uganda though, you can visit all year round and not get disappointed.

The Fox’s Weaver

Fox's Weaver - photo from AchillesUgandan tour operators fundraise to protect the Fox’s Weaver


The Fox’s Weaver (Ploceus spekeoides) inhabits the papyrus-fringed lakes of eastern Uganda and nearby wooded grassland. It has previously been found nesting around Lake Opeta but was last seen in January 2010 by Nature Uganda staff.


Despite receiving funding from the African Bird Club to survey the species there have been no recent sightings and it is thought to be in decline. Birdlife International categorises it as a Globally Near Threatened species.


Against this background, Uganda’s birding tour operators are seeking donations from our clients, other interested birders and well wishers to enable Nature Uganda and our birders to research and protect this bird.


Donations may be given to your tour operator, collectors on exhibition stands or sent through Donations will be acknowledged on our national birding website and Nature Uganda will also publish progress reports there.

Uganda’s bird watching hot spots

Useful Websites

Albertine Rift Endemics

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For more details on this Endemic Bird Area (EBA), which includes Uganda, see the Birdlife International guide to the Albertine Rift Mountains