Explore one of Africa’s most ancient forests – Semuliki National Park

Black and white colubus monkey in Semuliki national park

Explore one of Africa’s most ancient forests – Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park is an ancient and biodiverse tract of land that stretches for 220km². As the only lowland tropical forest in the region, its lush features are more commonly associated with Central, rather than Eastern Africa.
With an interesting geological history, it is also home to an abundance of fascinating wildlife and birdlife. A trip to the park’s hot springs is a must and reminds visitors of the powerful natural forces that have been at work in the rift valley for millennia.


Natural history

The park itself stretches along the Semuliki Valley and lies on the Eastern side of the Rwenzoris. A great survivor of the last ice age, it achieved national park status in 1993, and many bird and mammal species can be found here.


Activities and Birding

One of the Park’s most striking geological features are the Sempaya hot springs. With steam and clouds that can be seen from 2km away, it’s even possible to cook an egg in the boiling waters!

Hike through the forests and among the animals you might spot are a red-tailed monkey, de Brazza’s, grey-cheeked mangabey or black and white colobus.

Semuliki National Park is a favourite for bird watchers too. Described as a haven for birding, among the many species recorded here include:

  • Black Dwarf Hornbill
  • Red-bellied Dwarf Hornbill
  • Yellow-throated Cuckoo
  • Piping Hornbill
  • Red-rumped Tinkerbird
  • White-throated Blue Swallow
  • Yellow-throated Nicator


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