3 beautiful beaches to relax on at the end of a safari

Couple relax on beach at the Victoria Forest resort in Uganda

3 beautiful beaches to relax on at the end of a safari

Yes, it’s true that Uganda is a landlocked country, but we do have some amazing beaches that we like to take our clients to at the end of their safari. Many of these beaches are located in or around Lake Victoria, one of the most popular of East Africa’s Great Lakes. Guests enjoy unwinding, reading, sipping cocktails and eating tasty local Ugandan food on sandy shores. Here are some of the popular spots.

Brovad Sands

Within the 84 little islands that make up the beautiful Ssese archipelago, you’ll find the golden sandy beaches of Kalangala. Guests often choose to take a leisurely boat ride on Lake Victoria to Bugala Island and, by day, enjoy canoe rides or stroll to landmark cultural sites around the island. Bugala is also a perfect spot for birdwatching as the islands are home to exotic and local bird species. By night, guests are mesmerised by tranquil sunsets while enjoying beach bonfires, delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Broavd Sands is the perfect Ssese Islands base. Tucked away on the Island of Bugala, it is a cosy beach resort that offers a relaxing, care-free experience. Enjoy a blissful massage or sauna, listen to nature from your room terrace and dine on the shores of lake Victoria on a private and secluded natural white sand beach.

Serene Victoria Forest Resort

This lovely resort is a secret haven for guests who are looking to relax at the end of a hot and dusty safari. There are plenty of opportunities to walk in nature and look for primates and birds that call Victoria Forest home. There are also cultural areas to explore that include historical sites and Speke House.

Boasting a 3km private beach, group and solo travellers can enjoy the beach bar and campfires. Couples can do the same but add romantic candlelight dinners to their evening.  Guests can expect to have a beautiful time here. The white sand and green forests really give a sense of beach calmness and serenity in Uganda. You can feel like a new, refreshed version of yourself after a short stay here.

Daring Lakeside Adventure Park

This is the perfect choice for guests travelling with children or for those who struggle to sit still for too long. Conveniently located close to Kampala, this peninsula with magnificent scenery is easily reached by road or by boat.

The adventure park itself offers a host of exhilarating and challenging activities that really do bring out the adventurous side in you. See how you fair with the two-level high-rope course, climbing walls, mountain biking, boat rides and archery. Guests who want to participate are always briefed first by professional teams who are there to make sure you have fun, but in a safe way of course. There are plenty of activities for amateur and experienced adventure enthusiasts.

At Lakeside, the budget accommodation on offer which makes it a great location for multi-generational family stays. All in all, this adventure park is a gorgeous location that offers an abundance of fun, tasty food (the fish and chips are highly recommended) as you enjoy the cooling breezes on the shore.


Add a beach day or weekend to your holiday

We create some of the best and most memorable tailor-made holidays in Uganda for adventure, solo, group and family travellers. You tell us what you want to experience. We then make it happen by creating and delivering a personalised holiday itinerary for you to enjoy.

Choose one of our sample safaris as a starting point. Then, ask us to adapt it to include a beach visit to one of these three amazing locations around Lake Victoria.


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