Hiking & Mountaineering Tours

Uganda is a beautiful country and we offer countless walks and hikes through exquisite scenery, with routes to suit all levels of fitness. From gentle half day hikes through villages and beautiful hills, to serious climbers’ challenges requiring some technical skill, such as tackling the Margherita Peak, there is something for everyone.


The two regions mountaineering in Uganda are the Rwenzori Mountains also known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ in the west and Mt. Elgon, bordering Kenya in the east.


You could also trek in the volcanic range of the Virungas in the Mgahinga National Park and there are shorter, easier hikes for example, from the base of the spectacular Murchison Falls to the top.


We also offer walks with a specific theme including medicinal plants tours and visits to coffee/mango / organic farm visits, natural forests, conservation projects and tea plantations.