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Experience gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and spend an hour with a gorilla family. You'll also visit Lake Mburo and see a host of African wildlife.
4 days
A thrilling fly-in gorilla tracking adventure; track Uganda's iconic mountain gorillas in magical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and discover the fascinating tribal culture of the Batwa.
4 Days
On this action packed fly-in wildlife safari you'll experience tribal culture with the Batwa, spend time with mountain gorillas, search for big game and more.
7 Days
This comprehensive wildlife and primates safari takes you to a range of habitats where you will get the chance to encounter a host of wildlife and enjoy exquisite scenery.
9 Days
Explore western Uganda's rich wildlife and culture as you meet the friendly people, learn about their way of life and experience the region's extraordinary flora and fauna.
19 Days
Visit some of Uganda’s finest natural spaces, where you'll encounter wildlife including gorillas, chimps, lions, rhinos and a host of birds. The Wildlife Spectacular Safari allows time to really explore each fascinating place.
18 Days
This excellent mini-break includes tracking Uganda's iconic mountain gorillas in Bwindi and relaxing on the tranquil Ssese Islands; the perfect way to unwind after your adventure!
6 Days
This comprehensive wildlife and primates safari takes you to a range of habitats where you will get the chance to encounter a host of wildlife and enjoy exquisite scenery.
14 days
A short and action packed bird watching safari to some of Uganda’s birding hotspots, including Murchison Falls and other forest, savannah and wetland habitats.
4 Days
This birding and wildlife safari takes you to some of the remarkable birding destinations in the western part of the country. The vast range of bird species makes it a favourite region for bird watching.
15 days
This extensive birding safari intends to cover a range of Uganda’s precious habitats. You will go birding in a number of the country’s most important bird areas.
22 Days
Hike to Mount Elgon's Wagagi Summit and visit Sipi Falls, enjoying the spectacular views and the diverse flora and fauna of Mount Elgon National Park.
8 Days
Enjoy exceptional hiking as you explore some of Uganda’s beautiful natural places and encounter extraordinary wildlife, including chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. This amazing hiking holiday takes you off the beaten track to explore some of Uganda’s natural places. As you...
14 Days
This adventure holiday includes trekking Uganda’s magnificent Mount Rwenzori and seeing the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
18 days
This extraordinary holiday offers you the chance to hike some of the country's magical highlands and enjoy spectacular views, hike Uganda’s 1520 eclipse monument of Biharwe and go off the beaten track to gain a deeper insight into daily life and the traditional and modern culture of Uganda and its friendly people
14 days
Prepare to experience high-octane activities in stunning locations and view some of Uganda’s iconic wildlife on this thrilling adventure & safari holiday.
8 days
The Adventurers' Road Trip takes you along the less well travelled routes to experience spectacular scenery, extraordinary wildlife and fascinating cultural adventures. Experience the real African wilderness!
18 days
This trip offers you a romantic and very special honeymoon experience! Enjoy game viewing and an encounter with the Batwa tribe before relaxing on Zanzibar's stunning beaches.
14 days
This classic Rwanda safari combines a thrilling adventure and safari in the beautiful land of a thousand hills. From the country’s capital in Kigali and Akagera’s sweeping plains to one of the oldest rainforests in Africa and the Virunga mountain...
14 Days
This itinerary incorporates two of East Africa’s most famous wildlife destinations. It’s designed to give you time to explore a wide range of habitats in search of Uganda’s and Tanzania’s best known inhabitants like the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, Big 5...
16 days
Imagine seeing your little ones amazed as they see an African lion in the wild or an elephant for the first time. Imagine them learning skills in a natural habitat like conservation, animal tracking and survival in the African savannah....
14 days
It is reported that around two-thirds of today’s travellers are women. This tour is for women who want to get away, meet others, explore, see how different Ugandan women live and have a little me-time - all in a supportive, friendly environment.
12 days