Arriving at Entebbe International Airport

Arrival instructions

Entebbe international airport is currently undergoing a major redevelopment which will take several years.  This means arrival instructions may change at short notice.


Meeting your Venture Uganda Travel Guide

Please travel with the name and phone number of your guide and our company on you. This will have been sent to you before you travel.


On leaving your aircraft, walk to the Arrivals building.

Health – present your Yellow Fever certificate. There may be other health checks depending on which country you are travelling from including Ebola screening which involves passing an automatic thermal imaging stand which screens for abnormally high body temperature indicating fever.

Immigration – present your visa which you bought online. The process of buying visas on arrival is being phased out but has not yet ended.

Baggage reclaim – collect your baggage from the conveyor belts. Free trolleys are available. Should your luggage not arrive, airport staff will direct you to the office within Arrivals, where you can get help.

Security – pass your baggage through a final screening (x-ray) machine.

Exit into Arrivals foyer where, depending on your time of arrival, you will find ATM machines, forex bureau, cafes, toilets, phone company shops, an information desk and the office of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) of which we are a member.

Meet your guide – when you exit the Arrivals hall, you will see a crowd of people waiting to meet people arriving and a small stand where you can get a taxi. Your guide will be amongst this crowd, holding a sign with your name on.

Throughout this process airport staff will be on hand to support you, if you ask. You will also see armed Police and security staff all around the airport. This is normal and should not alarm you.


If you can’t find your guide – don’t panic! This rarely happens. Despite the area outside Arrivals appearing a little chaotic, Ugandans are very friendly people, most speak English and they will help you, if you ask. Many guides know each other: ask at the taxi stand or anyone holding up a sign, if they know your guide/tour company.

Alternatively, return into the Arrivals foyer (passing through the next door and through the security scanning machine) and ask for help at the AUTO office or information desk – whichever is open. Alternatively ring/message your guide/company. If your guide has been delayed for any reason, you can wait for them at one of the airport cafes.


Meeting your hotel representative

If you are being met by a hotel representative, follow the procedures above and look for them in the crowd outside Arrivals, holding a sign with either your name or their hotel name.

They will be using a private vehicle and will take you to the car park. You will not be required to find your way to a bus stop/station. If they are meeting other clients from flights arriving at a similar time, you may be required to wait for a short time and share the transport with them. The cost of the transfer will be included in your holiday price and there will be no need to pay on the day.