What accommodation is available in Uganda?

What accommodation is available in Uganda?

Looking for a luxury honeymoon hotel? Perhaps you’d like to camp out beneath the stars or immerse yourself in local culture by enjoying a home stay? Maybe you’re searching for an eco-friendly holiday? Whatever you’ve got in mind and whatever your budget, there is a wide choice of accommodation in Uganda.

Accommodation in Kampala – and beyond

Kampala is a rich and vibrant city, with a choice of hotels to match. From well-known international chains to affordable hostels, there really is something to suit everyone.

Further afield, the choice widens even more and depends on the activity you have planned. Some facilities may look over a lake or be located in or near a national park. Some might be lodge-style, putting guests right at the heart of their safari adventure.

It is important to remember that certain destinations may be limited in terms of choice of availability. Where accommodation has no availability on a guest’s chosen date, Venture Uganda can always arrange a suitable alternative of an equivalent standard.

What catering options are available?

Most facilities prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and extra meals can be arranged on request. For instance, some places organise beach breakfast, bush breakfast, bush dinner and a packed lunch.

You can have cooked English breakfast and local dishes like katogo, a one-pot mix of matooke and for example ground nut sauce.

Breakfast can also include, but is not limited to:

  • Fresh juice, African tea, coffee and black tea
  • Pancakes
  • Fruits such as watermelon, pineapples and banana
  • Eggs, omelette, Irish potatoes

For dinner and lunch, most places provide options for clients to choose from and in others it can be ordered from a set menu. Buffets for big groups, composed of local dishes can also be arranged.

Vegetarian options are always catered for. All meat in Uganda is Halal.

What if a guest has a disability or special needs?

Venture Uganda has successfully hosted guests with disabilities. True, some parts of the country can be difficult to visit because of uneven footpaths and inaccessible buildings but we are confident that we can create an itinerary, including accommodation, allowing every single one of our guests to enjoy the many sights and attractions of Uganda.

What about other facilities?

Air-conditioned rooms are not always available and if they are, there is usually an additional cost. Laundry can usually be done at the facilities at an additional cost, although a few luxury facilities provide laundry service at a room inclusive price.

WiFi is available in most hotels, although it is slow sometimes. However, Venture Uganda provides WiFi devices in all vehicles.

Fancy a dip in a pool or a spot of relaxation? A number of facilities have swimming pools and spa treatments.

Long-stay self-catering apartments are also available.

Whatever your budget and requirements, Venture Uganda can create a bespoke travel itinerary including all accommodation, just for you. Want to take a closer look at what’s available? Follow our link to accommodation in Uganda or email us at enquiries@ventureuganda.org