Adrenaline-packed activities in Jinja

Kayaking the Nile in Jinja Uganda

Adrenaline-packed activities in Jinja

It’s famous as the historic source of the River Nile. Still, Jinja in Eastern Uganda has also gained a reputation as the go-to destination for adrenaline junkies – and for those who love a rush, it certainly won’t disappoint. So, what are the main activities in Jinja?

Here at Venture Uganda, we’re happy to provide something a little different for our thrill-seeking guests. From bungee jumping to white water rafting and mountain biking to kayaking, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to some of the action-packed activities which can be enjoyed as part of our tailor-made holidays to Uganda.

White water rafting on the Nile

Jinja itself boasts a lively arts and music scene, but no trip to East Africa’s adventure capital is complete without experiencing the mighty River Nile – with white water rafting one of the most popular ways to enjoy it. Various packages are available – including family, group and individual experiences with all levels of ability catered for.

For extreme fun, opt for a two-man raft – just you and the guide – or raft on a river board at the more intense grades. Not a dare-devil? Not a problem! For all the fun but with less intensity, calmer rafting experiences are available. You’ll need to be physically fit, water confident and a strong swimmer to take on the river, but a team of experienced guides are on hand to advise you and get you started.

Kayaking on the Nile

Kayaking the Nile is a challenging and exhilarating experience, and with 5 levels of rapids, Jinja caters for even the most adventurous and experienced of kayakers.

However, if you fancy something a little more leisurely, you can take a kayak cruise in gentler waters. If you’re a beginner, you may prefer tandem kayaking, while introductory courses and training are available. As with all the other water activities on the Nile, safety standards are extremely high.

Bungee jumping at Jinja for the dive of your life

There are a variety of jumps available to try – choose from being dipped in the Nile, tandem jumps, stunt jumps and night jumps. It’s all led by experienced and safety-first instructors for complete peace of mind.

Don’t forget that staff are used to putting people at their ease, especially if it’s their first jump. (And don’t worry about being nipped, either – there are no crocodiles to see here!)

Stand up paddle boarding

No gym required! If you’re seeking new ways to work-out and challenge yourself on your African adventure, stand up paddle boarding is definitely one to try.

Don’t worry if you have never done stand up paddle-boarding before because our expert guides will show you how it’s done. They’ll also give you the confidence to tackle the Nile’s powerful rapids for a high-octane thrill if that’s your goal. Still, if that’s not for you, gentler waters allow for calmer stand up paddle-boarding fun too.

Horse riding on the banks of the Nile

View the stunning Ugandan countryside on horseback, with a choice of treks ranging from one to three hours. Mixed ability horse riding safaris are available, as are more challenging rides which would be best for those who do not want to be held back by less experienced riders.

For younger visitors or those who simply want a more relaxing way to explore the banks of the Nile, there are even walking only horse or pony safaris – all accompanied by experienced guides.

Mountain biking and quad biking

Whether it’s a fast or leisurely pace, an exhilarating physical challenge or gentle tour, biking is a great way to explore Jinja and the surrounding areas along the banks of the Nile. Biking tours can be easily adapted to suit large groups or individual travellers, as well as all levels of fitness.
Meanwhile, quad biking safaris have become another popular adventure sport – and if you’ve never had a go before, rest assured that all training is provided. Biking trails take you through the countryside, farmlands and forests near Jinja and around the banks of the Nile – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stray off the beaten track to see some of the Nile’s less visited places.

Is kayaking or white water rafting on the Nile on your bucket list? How about bungee jumping or horseback safaris? To ask about any of the activities available at Jinja, and to enquire about incorporating a visit to Jinja as part of a tailor-made holiday to Uganda, contact us by completing our enquiry form or emailing us at