Health & safety

Health & safety in Uganda

Your health and safety are of paramount importance during your tour with Venture Uganda Travel. The nature of our tours means we often take you off the beaten track to areas that are remote or underdeveloped and we may include activities that contain an element of risk.

Our aim is therefore to assess potential risks, devise measures to control them and to have in place procedures to deal with any incident or emergency.

Our health and safety policies and procedures are designed and monitored in reference to various international standards, advice and codes of conduct such as:

  • British Standard 8848: Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom
  • The UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • The UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992
  • The Uganda Tourism Act, 2008 and The Uganda Tourism (Tour Package) Regulations, 2014


Risk assessments for academic clients

Risk assessments are conducted for all our academic programmes and are available prior to booking. These will also state the competencies needed to participate in that particular tour.

We will obtain all the necessary permits and permissions to undertake the activities included in your tour.



All tours are accompanied by one of Venture Uganda’s trained and experienced staff or associates.

For study tours, the risk assessment will set out clear responsibilities and lines of communication between Venture Uganda staff, University/School staff and students.


Pre-departure information

There is a lot of information available on this website to help you prepare for your trip. For example, information on Ugandan laws and customs, services and maps. You will receive emergency contact details before you travel to leave with family and friends. We will also ask for your emergency contacts, just in case.



All clients must be covered by comprehensive travel insurance which should cover cancellation, loss or damage to luggage and personal items and international medical evacuation. Venture Uganda will require details of your insurance before departure.


Emergency support

Venture Uganda has a 24/7 Duty Officer in Kampala, Uganda.

For your peace of mind you may wish to know that Uganda has international-standard medical facilities in Kampala.

We recommend that all British travellers register with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to receive travel alerts. Travellers of other nationalities should check what services are available to them through their own governments.



We carefully monitor the security situation in Uganda and surrounding countries using our own local network of contacts including Uganda Wildlife Authority, Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) and Uganda Tourism Board and following advice from organisations such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UNHCR, British High Commission in Uganda,